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JP-S56110235-A: Plasma etching device patent, JP-S56121105-A: Sequence controller patent, JP-S56123496-A: Screen apparatus patent, JP-S56129598-A: Nonlinear speed regulation control system for electric governor patent, JP-S56132122-A: Solar battery power source patent, JP-S56136913-A: High-carbon high-strength cast iron using blast furnace molten iron and its production patent, JP-S56144468-A: Transfer paper separating device in electrophotographic copier patent, JP-S56145609-A: Method of manufacturing crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable patent, JP-S56150357-A: Fluid transferring mechanism patent, JP-S5615206-A: Hair dye composition patent, JP-S56152267-A: Charge transfer device patent, JP-S56154113-A: Cleaner for exhaust gas patent, JP-S56160-A: Article made of polyolefin base and adhesive addition polymerized body and production of same patent, JP-S56161678-A: Image sensor testing device patent, JP-S56162692-A: Novel offset plate in steel with surface containing chromium oxide patent, JP-S56162752-A: Electrophotographic receptor and its manufacture patent, JP-S56164228-A: Hydraulic clutch patent, JP-S56165610-A: Lifting type conveyor patent, JP-S5621624-A: Method and apparatus for treatment of hydrocarbon- containing exhaust gas patent, JP-S5621746-A: Method for detecting position of moving object patent, JP-S5631731-A: Endoscope device patent, JP-S5633652-A: Image forming member patent, JP-S5635680-A: Dc-dc converter patent, JP-S563593-A: Commutatorless dc motor driving system patent, JP-S5639700-A: Pickup cartridge patent, JP-S5641436-A: Exhaust nozzle for gas turbine engines patent, JP-S5647618-A: Method and device for reducing soot patent, JP-S5655242-A: Manufacture of pneumatic tire patent, JP-S5657040-A: Electrophotographic receptor patent, JP-S5661811-A: Power amplifying output circuit patent, JP-S5663757-A: Color picture receiving apparatus patent, JP-S5664659-A: Quantitative method of glycoprotein in connection with cancer patent, JP-S5668954-A: Tape take-up device patent, JP-S567094-A: Ventilating device in nuclear reactor container patent, JP-S5671369-A: Document filing device patent, JP-S5675369-A: Method of controlling elevator patent, JP-S5679995-A: Power distribution forecasting method patent, JP-S5681714-A: Deep layer mixing processing machine patent, JP-S5684178-A: Arc welding equipment patent, JP-S5686335-A: Method and device for controlling concentration of solid particle suspending in liquid patent, JP-S569448-A: Weft yarn guide in fluid jet type loom patent, JP-S5695481-A: Manufacture of composite molding material patent, JP-S5696885-A: Hetero-junction of 2-6 group compound semiconductor patent, JP-S57101407-A: Amplifying circuit patent, JP-S57104969-A: Cleaning device patent, JP-S57106186-A: Josephson element patent, JP-S57111119-A: Signal evaluating circuit device patent, JP-S57111410-A: Optical transducer patent, JP-S57112143-A: System for transmission and reception of electric signal patent, JP-S57115060-A: Series data communication system patent, JP-S5712509-A: Electromagnetic device driving circuit patent, JP-S57128310-A: Microscope for eye patent, JP-S57129870-A: Manufacture of ceramics patent, JP-S57134611-A: In-pipe combustion device patent, JP-S57135837-A: Ionomer resin foam and production thereof patent, JP-S57137035-A: Manufacture of sealed drum with sealing end section closing member and its drum patent, JP-S57139356-A: Therapeutic filter patent, JP-S57141848-A: Color picture tube patent, JP-S5715489-A: Method of forming electric path for printed board patent, JP-S57156245-A: Composite coated steel pipe patent, JP-S57156505-A: Two-dimensional pattern recorder patent, JP-S57157269-A: Driving device for original placing plate patent, JP-S57165724-A: Color discriminating element patent, JP-S57176274-A: Deep coloring process of fiber patent, JP-S57180207-A: Improvement in or relative to absorptive coating to reduce reflection of radio wave antenna patent, JP-S57186221-A: Magnetic head core and its manufacture patent, JP-S57188736-A: Fuel supply controller for internal combustion engine patent, JP-S57198180-A: Fuel tank patent, JP-S57203223-A: Magnetic head patent, JP-S57212458-A: Electrophotographic copying method patent, JP-S5721895-A: Part inserting device patent, JP-S5722316-A: Channel disconnection detecting circuit patent, JP-S5724923-A: Clocking circuit in camera patent, JP-S5726445-A: Laser annealing device patent, JP-S5732553-A: Manufacture of cathode ray tube patent, JP-S5740517-A: Photosetting composition patent, JP-S5755228-A: Transmission operating device patent, JP-S576021-A: Pile for preventing occurrence of negative skin friction patent, JP-S5766766-A: Probing instrument in low-frequency treatment instrument patent, JP-S5774836-A: Pickup device patent, JP-S5775175-A: Anti-slip coating method for paint patent, JP-S5777206-A: Pneumatic tire with excellent wet grip capacity patent, JP-S5782196-A: Manufacture of explosive mixing ferrite composition patent, JP-S5788072-A: Binder for blast furnace mud patent, JP-S5789594-A: Method and apparatus for slicing fruit, etc. patent, JP-S5797279-A: Signal switching device patent, JP-S58102437-A: Linear beam type microwave tube patent, JP-S5810458-A: Method of film-coating base body patent, JP-S58111602-A: Agricultural composite working machine simultaneously carrying out cultivation and crushing of crushed soil patent, JP-S58116158-A: Ink jet recording head patent, JP-S5812773-A: Wire dot head patent, JP-S5812935-A: Partition type cabinet for vertical type room air conditioner unit patent, JP-S58130789-A: Constant-speed controller for motor patent, JP-S58132663-A: Solvent feeder patent, JP-S58143986-A: Part gripper patent, JP-S58146337-A: Headrest for radiography patent, JP-S5815425-A: Circuit for protecting dc power source patent, JP-S58154419-A: Die for press patent, JP-S58155737-A: Sole mask diffusing process patent, JP-S58158644-A: Photoconductive material 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